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ANYONE Can Do This (the "603 Guarantee")!

I get asked this a lot (and mostly from Adults): "Do you think that I can do Karate? I've never done it before and I'm not in the best of shape".

And my answer is always the same: "I promise you that you can do this". That is usually met with them saying "OK" and never coming in to even try. The thing is, I'm not lying. I'm not just feeding them a line to get them to come in and pay for classes. I only say it because, I don't just believe it, I KNOW it. And I bet if you asked any student at the dojo, they will tell you that they had some personal doubts and fears before they started. And I bet they would agree that ANYONE can do it if they just show up and give it a go.

So now, I don't promise that anyone can do this anymore.

Now, I GUARNANTEE it! That is how much I believe that, if you show up for a class with a good attitude, no matter your experience or fitness level, that you, yes YOU, can do this and succeed at Karate. So I have gone a step further and developed the "603 Guarantee".

Here is the "603 Guarantee": Try our classes for 2-weeks and I personally guarantee that you will feel more confident in your self defense skills. If not, I will refund all of your money back!

How easy is that? It's literally risk-free. And here's a secret: it won't take me 2-weeks to get you feeling more confident, it will only take about 2 minutes 😉

If you or anyone that you know would like to take me up on this guarantee please click here to learn more: . I offer Teen/Adult Karate classes, Kids Karate classes, Private lessons, Women's Self Defense, and Corporate seminars.

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