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Elevate your skills and empower yourself

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Transforming Lives at 603 Karate

Adult practicing strength building over age 40 at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Discipline gained during martial arts training at 603 Karate in the Lakes Region.

Discover how our Teen/Adult Karate classes are empowering individuals and fostering a sense of community.  Serving Northfield, Franklin, Tilton, Belmont, Concord, NH and beyond.

"I forget about everything going on in the world...everyone...has been so kind and helpful." - Kim

Woman empowering herself through Karate training in Northfield, NH.

Why Choose Our Teen/Adult Karate Classes?

Have you been thinking of joining a martial arts program for years?  Or maybe, like a lot of students, you did martial arts as a kid and miss it?  Other students trained elsewhere but were looking for a different approach towards learning self-defense.


Whether it's the cool uniforms or the desire to enhance your physical and mental well-being, 603 Karate offers a welcoming environment suited to meet your needs:

  • A program committed to supporting the community, our First Responders, and their families

  • A serious program that fits nicely into your personal life

  • An easy, welcoming, and pressure-free on-boarding process, plus a flexible class schedule

Teenager shares a laugh with his instructor at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Lady learns beginner martial arts training near Concord, NH.

"603 Karate provided just what I was looking for.  I needed a dojo that took itself seriously, but also understood that I couldn't dedicate my whole life to Karate (though many days I wish I could)."  -Mike

Gentleman learns beginner self-defense training near Franklin, NH.

Unique Benefits of Training with Us

Once enrolled, students experience the distinct advantages of our classes:

  • Every class offers a unique learning experience

  • Limited class size guarantees personalized attention to accelerate your skill development

  • The instructor’s leadership ensures steady progress

Bowing out of adult martial arts class near Belmont, NH, emphasizing self-discipline and respect.
Adults practicing traditional Karate drills near Canterbury, NH.

"Confidence means different things to different people, but I know for sure that I carry myself differently now."  -Jill

Adults practice self-defense in Northfield, NH.

Confidence and Camaraderie: The 603 Karate Difference

Our classes go beyond physical training; they empower you to take charge of your life.  While many martial arts programs promise results, I GUARANTEE it!  By consistently training, students in the Teen/Adult Karate classes experience:

  • Increased personal confidence 

  • Greater physical fitness and mental toughness

  • A supportive community fostering mutual respect

  • Camaraderie that evolves as we learn and grow together

"Initially I wanted to improve my strength, confidence and balance. I have stayed for John’s leadership, the positive atmosphere in the dojo, and the support of my fellow students."  -Jeff

Adult feeling proud of his sense of accomplishment through Karate training near Concord, NH.
Adult learns beginner martial arts in Northfield, NH.
Teenager learns traditional martial arts in the Lakes Region.
Instructor shows how to use Karate in a real fight at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

If you're seeking a martial arts program that values your personal growth, 603 Karate welcomes you, whether you're:

  • A complete beginner to martial arts

  • Looking to rekindle your passion for martial arts

  • Seeking a new approach to martial arts instruction

603 Karate is a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment.  Intimidation is not tolerated at the dojo.  Everyone trains at their current abilities in an effort to get better.

Woman learning effective self-defense at 603 Karate near Franklin, NH.
Teenager trains respectfully with older adult in martial arts class near Tilton, NH.

Experience Our Unique Approach

Our classes blend traditional curriculum with modern techniques, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience:

  • Practice time-tested training such as Katas, Kumites, and body conditioning

  • Learn practical self-defense drills based on real-world experience

  • Engage in various partner drills including mitt work, sparring, and blocking drills 

  • Solo practice to improve distance, timing, and conditioning


You will learn something new every class, you will get better, and you will be challenged.  This might be the exact activity that you have been searching for? 


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