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Train your body and your mind

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Karate is a unique way to build a healthy lifestyle.  It's much more than just going through repetitive motions like using weight machines or running on a track.  While those activities are great, members of our Teen/Adult group find many more results from their training.


Our time tested curriculum will take you from a beginner to a skilled individual using different methods of learning.  We practice familiar drills with regularity to help gain confidence through repetition.  We introduce new drills to challenge your focus and keep you engaged.  All of our drills are designed to be realistic to serve you when you would need them most -- when you are alone with nobody to help you!

Karate is an individual activity but done in a group environment.  Over time you will go from being a complete beginner to offering mentorship to new students.  Both offer new challenges and promote an engaging way to learn.


The supportive nature of our group classes offers a non-competitive environment to grow personally and accomplish goals that you didn't know you could!  And, you will be learning a tremendous self defense system to keep you and your family safe!

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