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Discover How Our Teen/Adult Classes at 603 Karate Are Transforming Lives and Creating Empowered Individuals


I could tell you all the great things about the Teen/Adult classes at 603 Karate, but I thought I’d let some members do the talking instead.

"Each class I come to - (a welcoming atmosphere) - I forget about everything going on in the world and everyone who comes to the classes has been so kind and helpful."  -Kim


Why Students Like You Choose Us

If you're like most of my students, you’ve thought about martial arts for some time now, maybe years or even decades!  Something about the arts piqued your interest, like the cool uniforms or the feel that the classes had?  Many of my students were searching for help to build up physical strength after a serious illness or years of inactivity.  Others needed help with mental strength after a traumatic time in their life. Some were just looking for a fun way to stay in shape while learning something new. Finally, others wanted to learn self-defense and/or find a constructive way to relieve some stress.


So, what was it about 603 Karate that made them decide it was finally time for them to give it a try?  Some things that students noted were that 603 Karate was:

  • A program that is committed to supporting the community, our First Responders, and their families

  • A serious program that was also flexible towards your personal schedule and needs, understanding that we all have busy lives and priorities

  • Easy, welcoming, and pressure free on-boarding process that starts with a full explanation of what you can expect and a trial class to get you started


This is what got them in the door initially.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to

start to be great."

- Zig Ziglar

"603 Karate provided just what I was looking for.  I needed a dojo that took itself seriously, but also understood that I couldn't dedicate my whole life to Karate (though many days I wish I could)."  -Mike


So, You Just Make It Look Good To Get People In The Door?

Well, not according to the awesome members of the community that train here.  Once students got started they noted that: 

  • Every class is unique

  • They learn something new each time they attend  

  • While these are group classes, everyone gets personal attention every class which helps speed up the learning process and understanding of the art

  •  The instructor’s leadership and pride in his classes ensures that everyone will make steady progress


Progress is vital for busy teens and working adults who want to improve themselves in order to live a more fulfilling life. It means taking action to move forward, whether it's in terms of career goals, physical health, mental well-being, or personal relationships. It's about having the courage to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and do something that may initially be intimidating or challenging but will ultimately make you feel better. 603 Karate supports everyone in embracing this change and taking charge of their own lives.


This is what keeps students training at 603 Karate.

"The greatest thing about making progress is that it allows you to reflect on

how far you've come."

- Unknown

"Confidence means different things to different people, but I know for sure that I carry myself differently now."  -Jill


Anything Can Seem Good At First.

True.  But again, I’ll let the students take over.  Some have been training here for months, many have been here for years!  They report:

  • Their personal confidence levels have risen noticeably through consistent training and they have been able to take on greater leadership roles, both personally and professionally

  • Huge increases in physical strength and mental toughness, as well as an ability to deal with life’s everpresent challenges

  • Classes become therapeutic, where they can forget about their problems at work, at home, or just personal struggles, and get back to a positive mental outlook

  • The camaraderie in classes is outstanding and everyone is helping each other grow and get better


It's funny, I noticed that when I asked students why they started training at 603 Karate, they initially started for one or two specific reasons.  However, after a short amount of time, they found much much more than they were expecting from the classes.


The 2 C's! 

 “Confidence” and “Camaraderie” were mentioned again and again by students as a result of training at 603 Karate.


Every martial arts dojo says it will increase your Confidence, but they never say how (it does not just happen magically by simply showing up).  Confidence is enhancing the belief in your own abilities and skills over time to achieve success in personal, academic, or professional settings.  It's the trust in yourself to take on challenges, make decisions, and handle whatever comes your way. It's the assurance that you can do it, no matter what.  Having this understanding of what “confidence” means and applying it to our training is what sets 603 Karate apart from other programs.


There is a strong bond and mutual respect that develops between people with a common interest or goal. In the Teen/Adult Karate classes, it is the sense of camaraderie that develops as we work together to learn and grow in our Karate training. It is a feeling of belonging and friendship that can be quite powerful and rewarding.  Imagine liking someone more every time they try to kick and punch you?  It’s certainly a unique experience!


And this is why the students at 603 Karate see their months of training turn into years and years of dedicated practice.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop

to look fear in the face."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Initially I wanted to improve my strength, confidence and balance. I have stayed for John’s leadership, the positive atmosphere in the dojo, and the support of my fellow students."  -Jeff

Everyone is Welcome

If any of this sounds like something that you are looking for in a martial arts program, I encourage you to reach out to learn more.  You are welcome at 603 Karate if you:

  • Are completely new to martial arts

  • Used to take martial arts and want to get started again

  • Are not satisfied with your current martial arts instruction and want to try someplace with a different approach


603 Karate is a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment.  Intimidation is not tolerated at the dojo.  Everyone trains at their current abilities in an effort to get better. Your personal progress is the goal!

"Inclusion is about creating a culture that truly values and respects every individual,

ensuring that they have a voice and can thrive."

- Richard Branson

What Can You Expect In Classes?

Classes are a great mix of traditional curriculum and modern drills.  We practice our time tested training such as Katas (forms), Kumites (fighting drills), and conditioning exercises consistently to develop mastery.  


I also implement practical self-defense drills based off of my eclectic martial arts background as well as my years in law enforcement (I’ve tested what actually works and what doesn’t, which I pass onto you).  These lessons are based on accepted principals that will always work for you when done correctly, and also allow you to improvise when things don’t go quite as planned.


We practice partner drills, bag drills, mitt drills, sparring, as well as solo practice to enhance timing, distancing, and conditioning.  All of this training is designed to keep you engaged and learning while progressing consistently.


You will learn something new every class, you will get better, and you will be challenged.  This just might be the exact activity that you have been searching for?  But, your attendance and effort is required.


Just fill out the form at the top of this page, or call/text to learn more. 


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