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Build a stronger and safer team for your business!

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Invest in your employees safety with a self defense seminar! 

What will they learn?  We will go over some highly effective defensive techniques that are easy to learn to help keep anyone safe in any number of situations. 

  • Maybe you want to feel safer around hostile co-workers? 

  • Are there any former employees with a grudge that you worry about? 

  • Is your office located somewhere that makes you feel unsafe? 

  • Or, maybe you just want to be as safe as you can possibly be at all times?

These seminars are based on realistic self defense, not theory.  Learn the principals of self defense that are true for everyone combined with the knowledge on how to make that work best for YOU.  Not every technique works the same for every person and you need to know how to deal with that in order to stay safe.

Not only is this an investment in your employees, but you will also benefit from a unique team building activity that will produce more confident and capable individuals.

Let my 20+ years in martial arts combined with my years in law enforcement benefit you and your company.  Have a plan in place at all times by having the correct skills and mindset to deal with a dangerous situation while possessing the confidence of knowing you are stronger today than you were yesterday.

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