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Ladies are ready to protect themselves after taking a private Women's Self-Defense class from 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Two young ladies learn some Women's Self-Defense before going off to college from their instructor from 603 Karate in the Lakes Region.
A group of women learn how to fight for themselves in a Women's Self-Defense class at 603 Karate in the Pines Community Center, Northfield, NH.


A group of women learn how to protect themselves during a Women's Self-Defense class at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Group of women show Confidence after a Women's Self-Defense class at 603 Karate near Tilton, NH.

Empower Yourself with Women's Self-Defense

Ladies, do you ever find yourself questioning your safety in various situations - at work, school, in public, or even at home?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, it's time to consider women's self-defense lessons at 603 Karate. Our classes offer highly effective techniques that are not only easy to learn but also easy to remember, empowering you to stay safe when it matters most.

I've had the privilege of assisting diverse groups of women, from young college-bound ladies to mothers and daughters, individuals, and even circles of friends.


Regardless of your background or experience, our classes will leave you feeling more confident and capable of taking care of yourself, especially when nobody else is around to help.

Our women's self-defense lessons cater to all skill levels, whether you're a complete beginner or someone looking to refresh their skills.

Tailored for Your Safety

Our women's self-defense classes are conducted as private lessons, either for individuals or groups. Whether you prefer a one-time session, a series of classes, or sessions scheduled as needed, we can accommodate your requirements.

Each lesson is customized to address your specific needs, ensuring you make the most out of your time with us. Unsure about what you need? No problem - I'm here to guide you through it.


If you're seeking ongoing weekly classes rather than sporadic lessons, explore our 'Punch & Protect' classes or the Teen/Adult Karate classes.  You won't regret investing in yourself with 603 Karate.

Start learning personal safety tips NOW!

Read 603 Karate's eBook "Fearless and Ready" covering many Women's Self Defense topics to help you create your best personal safety plan!

This eBook sells for $5.99.  HOWEVER, just text:

"Special eBook Offer for (your name)"

to 603-726-6335 and receive a great deal on the eBook PLUS an extra bonus!

eBook covering Women's Self-Defense written by the instructor at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
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