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Ladies, do you feel safe day to day?  Do you feel safe at work?  At school?  In public?  Or even at home?

If the answer is "No" to any of those questions, then you should consider a Woman's Self Defense course at 603 Karate.  I will teach you highly effective techniques that are easy to learn and remember to help keep you safe when you need it most.

I've helped young ladies before they go off to college, mom's and daughters together, individuals, and groups of friends.  All of them left class feeling more confident and capable of taking care of themselves, especially when nobody else is around to help you.

The Women's Self Defense classes can be a one-time class or a series of four classes (or any combination of that really).  Here is the menu:


"Foundations"; The building blocks of your personal safety.

This class will get you started to form a solid foundation of self defense techniques against the most common attacks and introduce you to concepts of personal safety.

"Space Savers"; Minimize the clutter of an idiot in your face!

Learn strategies of defense that you can adapt to any attack or situation to keep your personal space safe.

"Houdini Techniques"; How to disappear (or make your attacker disappear) from the most scary situations.

What would you do if you were in a headlock?  A bear hug?  Being pulled by the hair?  A hand on your throat?  Lets get you ready to get yourself safe FAST if any of these things happen to you.

"Ground Game"; You won't stay down long with these techniques!

The ground is the WORST place to be in a fight.  Learn how to stay safe and get up off the ground fast.

Let's get you started to living a more confident and safe life that you deserve!

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