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Here's what people are saying about 603 Karate:

Melissa: We checked out a few dojo’s before we found 603 karate. From the first visit we knew we were in the right place. Sensei Guarnieri was the right fit for our son. He brings a perfect balance of athleticism, respect and fun to the dojo. Our son tested the waters with his behavior, and after a very respectful yet firm conversation, he realized that Sensei didn’t tolerate disrespect. This has translated into better behavior at home and at school. We are so happy that we found 603 karate! Now our youngest son has joined, and he is proudly working on earning his stripes on his way to his yellow belt!

Mark: 603 Karate and Sensei John are outstanding. John does more than just teach practical self defense, he helps all students to develop into better versions of themselves. He exemplifies the virtues of being a Black Belt, and in turn helps each student achieve and demonstrate those virtues as well.

Chantelle: My son Daniel loves going to karate. He has become a better listener and more focused since being in this class. The instructor is very nice and helps get the kids in his class focused and my son has benefited a lot from being a part of 603 karate!

Shelly: 603 Karate is a great place for kids, adults, and families to train in martial arts. I find that the classes are challenging but fun. My kids are learning discipline, respect, and karate while having fun and making friends. There’s also an opportunity to participate in self-defense and bully proofing classes. I highly recommend 603 Karate!

David: My son Tristan goes to 603 Karate. Sensei John is Amazing with the kids. He sometimes has 10-12 kids in the class and makes it interactive for all of them. He helped to develop Tristan social and defensive skill. He truly cares about his craft and I encourage all ages to try it out!

Erin: We love 603 Karate! John is an excellent instructor- he makes class fun, but also makes sure the kids take their training seriously and have respect for the art. The price is great too! We would highly recommend 603 Karate!

Dave: John is a great Sensei and is very knowledgeable in the art of Uechi Ryu karate. Both my teenagers have been practicing at 603 and their confidence and focus has increased greatly. I highly recommend 603 Karate for anyone at any age to learn self defense and to experience the many benefits that karate has to offer!!

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