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1-on-1 training towards your personal safety!

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Private lessons are the best way to make quick progress towards your goals.  These lessons are geared towards what YOU need. 


We can work on:

  • Specific self-defense techniques

  • Ground defense

  • Standup techniques

  • Any scenarios you have in mind

  • Or curriculum from Karate training 


Many students want to start with some private lessons before joining group classes.  Some prefer to do private lessons only.  These are geared for whatever meets your needs.

Private Lessons can be:

  • A 1-time class

  • Consistently scheduled (ie: once/month)

  • Or, scheduled as needed

I've worked with all types of groups including a parent with a child, full families, groups of friends, as well as individuals just looking to learn some effective self-defense quickly.

Please contact me to learn more about scheduling as I can only accommodate so many private students at any given time.  These lessons are not the cheapest, but they will be worth it to keep you safe and confident to live your life!  Besides, do you really want discount defense classes?


Not Sure Where To Start??

SWAK no bg.png

If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for (But you know you want to feel safer), let me suggest our "SWAK Class" (SWiss Army Knife).

Do you remember MacGyver and his Swiss Army Knife that got him out of most any jam he found himself in?  Well, think of this class as your self defense Swiss Army Knife.  The SWAK Class will show you the 8 MOST important self defense techniques that will cover a defense for the most common attacks. 

The SWAK class will give you a good foundation of self defense techniques.  This can be a one time class or you can identify what you want to work on more and schedule additional classes.

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