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603 Karate offers Karate training programs starting from age 6 on up.  There are several classes to choose from each week for:

  • Kids Karate (age 6+)

  • Teen/Adult Karate

  • Women's Self Defense (call to schedule)

  • Bullyproof class (call to schedule)

  • Private instruction (call to schedule)

Kids Karate Program

Our Kids Karate program does much more than teach kids how to kick and punch.  Any qualified instructor can show them that.  While the physical aspects of our classes are a big part of what we do, we are ultimately working on developing important leadership skills for success in all aspects of life.  Some highlighted developments you can expect from consistent training at 603 Karate are:

  • Improved Confidence and Self Esteem

  • Greater Discipline

  • Increased Focus

  • Self Control Skills

All this while learning a great self defense system and making new friends!

We accomplish all of these goals through a mix of disciplined drills and fun physical activities and games.  Each class will have familiar drills to build mastery as well as new activities to add to the excitement.  Each class is unique, your child will not be bored!

Fill out the "Request More Information" form below to learn more!

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Teen/Adult Program

Karate is a unique way to build a healthy lifestyle.  It's far more than just going through repetitive motions like using weight machines or running on a track.  While those activities are great, members of our Teen/Adult group find many more results from their training such as:

  • Improved Self Confidence

  • Greater Focus

  • Increased Self Discipline

  • Working Towards Goals and Accomplishing Them!

The supportive nature of our group classes offers a non-competitive environment to grow personally and accomplish goals that you didn't know you could!  And, you will be learning a tremendous self defense system to keep you and your family safe!

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