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Empower Your Child With Leadership Skills For Life!

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Unleashing Potential and Shaping Leaders at 603 Karate

Discover How Our Kids Karate Classes Are Transforming Lives
In Northfield, Tilton, Franklin, Belmont, and Beyond!

Young student practicing discipline and respect while training in Kids Karate classes in Northfield, NH.
Young student in Kids martial arts class fist bumps the instructor for doing a great job.

If you KNOW that there is more potential buried in your child, Kids Karate classes at 603 Karate might just be what brings that out!

As of 03/25/2024, there are only 5 spots currently available in the Kids Karate program.  Some class days and times are full.  Contact today to check for availability.

New student learns the basics of martial arts in Kids Karate class near Franklin, NH.
Two students practice their Karate kicks for the instructor in kids martial art classes near Concord, NH.
Young man earns his Black Belt after years of hard work, discipline, and improvement at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Young students get stronger and gain mental toughness through physical challenges during Kids Karate classes near Tilton, NH.

The 603 Karate Difference: Empowering Your Child Beyond the Ordinary

“Honestly, all these martial arts programs seem the same.”




Most martial art schools promise that your child will learn “respect”, as if you have no ability to teach them this yourself.  They say they increase confidence, but never seem to say how.  They will instill discipline and have the “BEST” program in the area....well, can’t anyone say that?  


It’s almost impossible to make an informed decision on what program actually is best for your child when they all say the same thing.  


The goal at 603 Karate is to build upon and enhance characteristics such as discipline and respect that are already being instilled at home in a fun way – and this is how we are going to do it.


(But…it’s NOT for everyone!  Keep reading to see if 603 Karate might be the right fit for your child.)

Instructor checks on progress of student in Kids Karate class at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Young lady learning kids martial arts near Tilton, NH.

Behind The Curtain: What Makes Us Unique

At 603 Karate, we believe in continuous improvement, for both students and instructors. 

  • We tailor our Karate program to meet the unique needs of each child

  • We focus on gradual progress and sustained growth

  • Limited class sizes ensure each student gets the attention they need


Positive changes don't happen magically.  They require commitment from both instructors and students.  I never give up on a child who’s willing to try!


Beyond the student’s effort and the instructor’s dedication, there is one more ingredient that other martial art schools fail to mention…

Young man practicing beginner martial arts classes in the Lakes Region.
Young student enjoys fun kids martial art classes near Tilton, NH.

They Need YOU: Parental Involvement Matters

At 603 Karate, I understand that a child’s likelihood of success in this program is strongly tied to the commitment of parents or guardians.  I value your honest effort and involvement in your child’s journey.  

Let’s face it– if an 8-year old gets to decide what’s best for them, they might miss out on the full benefits that a quality martial arts program can offer.

  • Your honest effort and involvement enhance your child's martial arts journey

  • At 603 Karate, we value commitment and genuine interest in your child's development

If you are looking for a babysitter a couple of times a week, or if you want something fun to do for a month…THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Kids having a great time at Karate classes in Northfield, NH.
Young students practicing Discipline and Respect as part of their Kids Karate classes in Northfield, NH.

Are You The Right Fit For 603 Karate?

If you're seeking a transformative experience for your child, we might be the perfect fit. Here's what to expect:

  • Dedicated martial arts training focused on personal growth

  • Genuine support and guidance to help your child achieve real progress and success

  • An atmosphere that values commitment, discipline, and respect for everyone


Throughout my teaching experience, I’ve witnessed incredible growth in students:

  • From being afraid to step on the mats to confidently leading class in drills

  • From struggling with basic punches and kicks to delivering powerful blows

  • Overcoming fears of speaking in class to becoming the class comedian (OK, that one backfired on me a bit…)


Let’s face it– kids have bad days too, and not every session will be their best.  But what matters is that their NEXT class can be better and that they learn to face hardships and try again.

Student shows signs of Respect and Self-Control in Kids Karate classes near Concord, NH.
"603 Lee" flexes their muscles as a symbol of the benefits of Kids training at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
Instructor shows a young student some beginner martial arts lessons during their first Kids Karate class at 603 Karate, near Franklin, NH.
Student challenges himself physically to accomplish great things during Kids Karate classes in Northfield, NH.

The Secret To Your Child’s Success

Success at 603 Karate is a collaborative effort. Here's what contributes to your child's journey:

  • Family encouragement and support

  • Embracing the inclusive environment at the dojo

  • Being a willing student, ready to learn and grow


Ready to Begin Your Child's Martial Arts Journey?

Kids Karate classes at 603 Karate will help teach your child self-defense, to develop resilience, and gain essential life skills—all while having fun!

To embark on this journey, your:

  • Time

  • Effort

  • Attendance


are essential. The sacrifices made will lead to incredible growth and transformation in your child. 


Contact me for class availability if this sounds like the right fit for your child.

Group of young students stand at attention demonstrating their discipline during Kids Karate classes at 603 Karate in the Lakes Region.
Student having fun learning self-defense during Kids Karate classes at 603 Karate near Tilton, NH.
Kids having fun during their Karate class at 603 Karate in Northfield, NH.
"603 Lee" cheers on all students in the beginner martial arts classes for kids at 603 Karate near Tilton, NH.
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