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Bullyproof your child!

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Our Kids Karate program does much more than teach kids how to kick and punch.  Any qualified instructor can show them that.  While the physical aspects of our classes are a big part of what we do, we are ultimately working on developing important leadership skills for success in all aspects of life. 


Students in our Kids Karate classes (for ages 6+) will experience learning and growth in many different ways.  Practicing familiar drills consistently for mastery will help develop improved self confidence and self esteem.  Learning new drills and techniques will force the student to stay focused and alert.  Promotion requirements to earn new belt levels will help increase discipline.  And training with others with a focus on safety will help manage self control skills.  All this while learning a great self defense system and making new friends!

It is amazing to watch the growth of our students over time.  The look on your child's face when they have reached a new goal is priceless.  Karate has become a part of our student's lives, it is something that they take tremendous pride in.  Each class is unique, your child will not be bored!

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