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Work With People You Don't Like

And no, I don't mean an enemy. And I don't even mean people you don't like personally.

What I really mean is, work with people in class who present a challenge to you, who you naturally have a hard time with. For example, I have a very difficult time doing most techniques with very tall and slender people who have a long reach. I could even be stronger and more skilled than some of these people, but when it comes to defending techniques in class with them, I have a very difficult time. Not sure what it is about them, but I often look and feel like a beginner with them.

So why work with them? Wouldn't it be easier to avoid them altogether?

It sure would. But there is one thing that I learned very quickly in police work: You don't get to choose your opponent in real life. You get what you get. And if you get someone who you have a hard time with and you spent all your time in class avoiding that person, guess what? Yeah, you're going to have a really hard time when it's for real.

The real progress happens when you challenge yourself and find solutions to problems. You can have any rank belt that you want, but if you never face your real challenges, then it is simply a rank and not an indicator of success.

Keep working on your challenges. Have a great day! -john g

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