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Why watch when you can play?

I loved team sports growing up. I was better at some sports than others, but I loved the excitement of being on a team and helping contribute. I was always more of a role player, good at certain things. I certainly was never a star player in any sport I played.

And that often meant that I spent time on the bench.

I didn't feel shame about that, but it was definitely more fun to play than to watch!

I took my first marital arts class when I was in college. I always had an interest in martial arts, but just didn't find my way there until college. I knew that I had found my new love after my first class.

After over 20 years and several styles later, I still love training in the martial arts. I love the drills, training with friends, getting stronger, learning new self defense techniques.

And there is ONE thing that I have NEVER experienced in the martial arts:

I have never sat on the bench.

Why? Because I'm better than everyone else?

No! And far from it, I have trained with a lot of people much more talented than me.

But the reason is is that NOBODY sits on the bench in martial arts. Everyone plays! Everyone learns, everyone gets better.

It's an individual activity done in a group environment. It's not a contest, but a never ending practice. The group helps the individual improve. When that is practiced then everyone gets better.

All you have to do is show up!

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