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The Worst Part of a Great Job

I have a pretty cool job.

I get to wear my pajamas at work.  I get to wack kids with pool noodles.  And I witness constant growth in a positive atmosphere.

This is all hard to beat.  

My favorite part of my job?  It’s getting to meet so many nice people with such different backgrounds.  

Sounds like a cheesy answer, but it is true.

And, for as many people that I get to meet at the dojo, I get to talk to a lot more people.

These are the people who I will never get to put a face to their voice.

Because they aren’t like you.

They aren’t action-takers improving their lives.

No, they are time wasters.  They call people like me.  They tell people like me that they will “definitely” be in to start training.


Then, their scheduled class comes and goes.  Only…

They weren’t there.

Looking for Disaster?

If you happen to be looking forward to 

  • Having car troubles

  • A relative passing away

  • Sudden and unforeseen money issues 

it turns out that all you have to do is schedule a first class with me!

Because that’s when these things seem to happen.  A lot.  To lots of people.

One person even said that their friend's mother passed away and they would “definitely” be in after the services.

That was 3 years ago!

The one I hear the most (mind you, this is after a couple weeks of phone calls, text messages, ext) is, “I just have a lot of stuff going on in my life right now.”

OK.  Funny, you didn’t mention that when you “definitely” wanted to start classes right away. 

Why did I have to be a part of your nonsense?

I Don’t Care

I know what I teach is not for everyone.  In fact, it only appeals to about 5% of the population.  And that estimate is probably high.

I’m not trying to convince people to come in and train.  

I’m just trying to let the right people know that I exist. If they are interested in what we do here, then I’d love to have you come in.

Otherwise, I really don’t need to have a conversation with anyone about why they can’t come in.  

It really doesn’t interest me.  In fact, I find it exhausting.

I simply don’t care.

But, I Do Care

My only interest is spending my energy on the people who want to be here.  

I have no hard feelings towards anyone if that is not you.  I hope you have something as rewarding in your life as Karate is to me.

Just spare me the saga of your lemmon car, expired relatives, and your “stuff” going on (cause we all have our own “stuff”.  That is not unique).

It’s Not What You Think

And, right about now you’re thinking, “Wow, John woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!”

Well, that might be, but that’s not what is going on here.

This is all said with the purpose of praise.

I’m so grateful to each person, present and past, who has dedicated their time here.  Students, families, and friends who have helped people come here to train.

People who have dealt with their own "stuff" to do what they want to do.  And not going on and on, telling me all the stuff you aren’t going to do.

It turns out that this is a unique quality. You are in a special (better) minority.

You are the best.  Thanks for listening.

-john g

PS- Do they still teach the definition of “Definitely” in school anymore??? It's kind of important.

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