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The MOST Important Thing for Self-Defense

What would be your first 3 guesses? Incredible strength maybe? Bruce Lee like reflexes? How about reading someone's mind so you know when they are about to attack?

All of those would be great, but they aren't very practical goals for the most part. We would all like to be able to move like Bruce, pick up things like Arnold, and read minds like my wife. However, if you are like me, you are a mere mortal and have to live your life in the reality that those things are not true for you.

In my time as a police officer I found ONE thing that was more important than any of those skills listed above to keep me safe. What is that ONE thing? Having the proper mindset.

OK, that sounds so obvious, but what does it really mean? Let me explain myself to you in case we have never met so you have an idea of who is writing this. I'm 5-foot-nothing and 100-and-too-many-pounds. I don't inspire fear when I walk into a room, and I'm sure I might have looked like an easy target for some bad guys wanting to get away in my police days. But I already had that ONE thing, the proper mindset, before I entered any situation.

I ALWAYS have the mindset to be prepared to defend myself. I was ALWAYS mentally ready to do what it took to get out of a situation safely. I was constantly going through scenarios in my head of dangerous situations BEFORE they ever happened to me. And there were a few times where I found myself in one of those situations and I felt like I had already been there. I already had a plan on what to do. And I already had the mindset to get out of that situation safely.

I've known many people who are bigger, stronger, and faster than me but were not nearly as capable of handling themselves in these situations. There was no reason in the world why they shouldn't have done better than I did in these situations. I started to realize that they just were not mentally prepared. They trained their bodies but they did not train their minds.

I was plenty scared in these situations, but I was mentally prepared to deal with them. Now imagine being scared AND not being mentally prepared. That is a gamble I was not and will never be willing to take.

If you or someone you know could benefit from some training in this area please reach out and get started as soon as possible!

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