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The "4-S" Method: The BEST Way to Beat Fatigue & Self-Doubt

603 Karate's 'Punch & Protect' classes are underway! After 2 weeks of classes I've recieved some fantastic feedback from the brave pioneer participants and I'm happy to report it has been 100% positive!

So, what exactly are the 'Punch & Protect' classes you ask?

They are a fusion between a Cardio Kickboxing class and a Self-Defense class with a couple of added bonuses.

I have found that most of the typical Cardio Kickboxing classes in the area will give you a very good workout, but that you don't really learn very much. You will be put through the motions of moving around, punching, kicking, etc, but you won't actually learn the proper mechanics of these moves, nor will you improve on them over time.

Can you imagine putting all that work into a class for months (or even YEARS!) and still not know how to punch properly?? That seems like at least a 50% waste of time to me.

But I get it. You don't want to join a traditional martial arts program because you don't really want to get into a PhD discussion on how to throw a jab. Fair enough.

What I've done for the 'Punch & Protect' classes is broken down the instruction in these classes so it is concise and easy-to-learn. You will get some actual instruction as well as be able to retain the information. Plus, by knowing the proper way to do things, you will be able to improve over time.

**I believe the lack of improvement over time is what makes people lose interest in your typical Cardio Kickboxing type class. Your consistent improvement in the 'Punch & Protect' classes will keep you motivated and excited for your NEXT class!**

We also take about 10 minutes in each class to discuss and practice a practical Self-Defense technique. This has been a winning feature for a couple of reasons: 1) You get to learn even MORE practical information during class, and 2) It is a chance to catch your breath during class and get ready to hit the bags some more!

All of this is wrapped up into a fun 45-minute class. There is music, awesome people, and my terrible jokes! What more could you ask for??

My commitment to each student is that they leave every class completing the "4'S" Method: that they are:

  • Sweating

  • Smiling

  • Safer

  • Stronger

This is a great recipie to get into better shape AND enjoy doing it.

If this sounds like something that you would like to try, please reach out as class sizes are limited. There are both daytime and evening class options. Plus, your first class is complimentary, so you really have nothing to lose!

-john g

603-726-6335 (text or call)

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