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#1 Way to Get the Most Out of Your Karate Training

One of the questions that I hear most in our Kids Karate classes is “when do I get my next stripe or belt?”. Of course, you have all probably heard my answer by now that we “earn” our promotions, you don’t “get” them. Semantics maybe, but it’s a very important point that I like to make.

The other point that I try to make (although I seem to have to make it again and again) is that you should really appreciate the rank that you are now. Appreciate all that you have done to earn whatever belt you have now, even if it is a White belt with no stripes. It took a certain amount of courage, effort, initiative, and action to get to the dojo, try a couple of classes, and make that commitment to continue your training to “earn” that first belt.

Most of you have probably heard me say what belt has been my favorite so far too. I’m currently a Sandan, which is a 3rd degree Black Belt. My favorite belt so far has been my White belt. It was the most exciting time in my training because I was starting something new. It was also the time where I experienced the most amount of learning and growth in my Karate. Of course I have continued to practice and get better over the years, but White belt had so much to offer and so much to look forward to. Please don’t take that for granted.

And then, after years of training, I had achieved my Black Belt. It was a great day and an awesome accomplishment for myself. I felt very proud of what I had earned. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that my Black belt was really just another White belt in disguise. There was so much more to learn. The things I had already learned were now expected to be better than before. I had entered more of a leadership role and therefore had to up my game in order to be taken seriously as a leader. The learning did not stop and the challenges are never-ending!

I know getting a promotion is exciting, but please understand that each promotion brings more personal responsibility with it. You are expected by me, but you should really expect it of yourself too, to be better at what you have already learned and use what you already know towards what you are currently learning.

This learning process is exciting, but always appreciate where you are at with your training and not just looking ahead to where you want to be. You’ve done a lot to get to where you are. You should acknowledge that.

Thank you for listening. Train hard and with intent. -john g

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