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You make a lot of mistakes when you are new at something.


Or, at least I do.  


So there I was, a rookie cop.  But I have to admit, I was “old” to be a rookie.  And, I had a decent amount of martial arts training at that point. 


In other words, I should have known better to prevent what happened…


But, being the new guy on the job, I wanted to be helpful.  I wanted to be dependable.  


We were dealing with a young lady who was having a really bad night.  Alcohol may have been a factor.  I don’t remember all of the circumstances, but she found herself under arrest.

And, she was NOT happy about it.  In fact, she was resisting every step of the

way.   I should mention that she was not big.  In fact, she was petite, so her strength in

resisting us was really very impressive!


It took 3 of us just to move her from the police cruiser and into the station.  And that’s when she really went nuts!


It felt like she doubled her strength and I got tossed away from her.  The other two officers

were struggling to keep control of her and I ended up in front of them and feeling useless.


So I did what any idiot would do.  


I marched right towards them in an attempt to help.  And that’s when it happened…


I have to say, she timed that kick perfectly.  And, it was a direct hit!  Just where a guy doesn’t want to be kicked.


And the really embarrassing part: I was wearing black pants and the bottom of her boot was dirty, so there was a boot print right where she kicked me!  The other officers told me they needed a picture of it for “evidence”.  


I’ve never seen a picture of evidence spread around the department so fast!


As painful and embarrassing as this incident was, it taught me some things (And as painful as it was, it was far more embarrassing!). 


First, don’t stand like a moron within kicking distance of someone who wants to kick you in the groin (obvious).


Second, as much as it hurt, I was able to continue doing my job.  I was still able to gather myself and help the other officers who were struggling.  


So, what if that was a self defense situation and that was the young ladies only plan?  It would have failed.  She made a direct hit and it failed.


What’s my point?  Why am I telling you this story?  Well, if your self defense plan is basically “I’ll just give them a swift kick in the nuts” and nothing else, your chance of failure is HUGE.  You need a much more sophisticated plan than that.


I could teach you a MUCH better plan in as little as 5 minutes that would work in most any situation.  And, if I could teach you that in as little as 5 minutes, imagine what 5 days, weeks, months, or even years could do for you!  Yeah, it’s pretty amazing!


Fill out the form below to schedule your trial class and be on your way to a better plan to keep you safe.  You won’t regret it. (Just promise to not make fun of me!)


Thank you,

John Guarnieri


PS- Schedule your first class now and I’ll throw in a 30-minute private lesson to REALLY enhance your new self-defense plan!

My REALLY Embarrassing Story
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