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Experience The Difference: What To Expect From 603 Karate & Self-Defense

Do you have an interest in martial arts but find the thought of joining a class intimidating?


You’re not alone.  However, students who start at 603 Karate have found the experience to be just the opposite of “intimidating” once they step through the door.  


Students and families note what a welcoming atmosphere it is right from the start, from the personal attention they get before they come in (all of your questions will be answered), to being greeted when they get there, and the warm camaraderie they will experience from the other students.  


Plus…classes are FUN!  This is not an atmosphere of perfection where mistakes are criticized and people are shamed.  We’re just regular people doing something we enjoy that leaves an important and positive impact on our lives.



This is what you will experience at 603 Karate no matter what program you are looking into.  Whether it’s Kids Karate, Teen/Adult Karate classes, or ‘Punch & Protect’, our new cardio kickboxing/self-defense class, your first experience will be the same.


This is the difference that sets 603 Karate apart from other places you can train.  


How does this difference occur?  Well, we all had a first class too.  And from that experience, we’ve embraced that 'Beginners Mindset' which keeps us humble and hungry to learn more, as well as share what we know with others.  


You will get the personal attention you need even though you are in a group class.  And all of this without any ego problems getting in the way!  The focus is solely on your personal growth!

Everyone has challenges.
Students at 603 Karate do something about it.

603 Karate has converted Complicated and Intimidating
Self-Defense into something Fun and Easy to learn

Succeed As A Beginner At Martial Arts

Still, even with such a welcoming atmosphere, self-defense can be an intimidating topic, especially if you don’t have any experience.


Very true!  But, through a combination of martial arts and real world experience, lessons are taught in a way that makes learning as simple as possible.  When your instruction teaches you how to break a complicated problem into easy-to-solve pieces, you will feel confidence in your abilities start to rise.  


Techniques are taught with martial arts principals supporting them which makes learning easier to comprehend as well as more useful to apply.


It does not happen overnight, but the more you put into it, the more you will experience this awesome transformation.  And this is not some meaningless platitude, this is a guarantee!

Progress is Guaranteed!

ANYONE can do this!!  All you need is the willingness to try.  I promise that I can help you achieve your goals. 

In fact, I guarantee it:

The "603 Guarantee":

Try our classes for 2-weeks and I personally guarantee that you will feel more confident in your self defense skills.  If not, I will refund all of your money back!

603 Karate Gives Back

A percentage of all profits at 603 Karate goes to the “100 Club of NH” which is an organization that provides financial and emotional support to families of fallen first responders.  Your training will make a positive difference in your life, but it will also help make a difference to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their community.

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