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"Just Ask" Seminar

Supercharge Your Life with Tactical Conversations: Learn How to Communicate with Impact and Get More!

Learn to "Just Ask" for whatever you want!

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You know that sick feeling of pain and regret you get in the pit of your stomach from missed opportunities?


The frustration from KNOWING that you could have gotten more or done better, if only you knew what words to say!


What if you could eliminate those feelings forever and know just what to say at the right time??  Having this ability will give you the power to accomplish so much more every single day, such as: 

  • Crush your dream job interview

  • Negotiate a killer car deal that you never thought was possible

  • Avoid those annoying misunderstandings at home that lead to the silent treatment

  • Create more time at work to get things done with ease

  • Get savings anywhere on simple day-to-day items that nobody else is getting


There are opportunities everywhere everyday to get more and be more.  And the crazy thing is, all you have to do is simply ask for it!


By learning how to look at situations slightly different, you will start to realize just how many opportunities there are out there for you all the time (and you’ll realize how many you have missed in the past)!

Seminar Highlights Include:

  • Go into a conversation prepared and leave having built or strengthened a relationship that benefits both sides.

  • Create Win/Win situations that results in you saving money.  There is no way that you won’t save on the cost of this course from just this one section alone!

  • Find new ways to look at a situation so you can see the possibilities ahead instead of the problem that is smack in the middle between you and progress.

  • Open the door to safe conversations, even if you are dealing with someone hostile or if you have been ghosted.

  • Avoid conversation killers, verbal roadblocks, or just not knowing what to say


There is so much more included in this seminar that you will never see everyday situations the same way ever again.

Get more by being more.  And be more by knowing just what to say!

“I’m not only the seminar instructor, but I’m also a client.”

I know a thing or two about communication.  I was a police officer for many years and was often tasked with communicating with people on the worst day of their lives.  Through lots of training and experience, I can read people very well.  However…


I really can’t stand conflict and avoid it whenever possible.

The truth is, I HATE haggling!  I don’t like negotiating or wheeling and dealing.

Before I took Tactical Conversations seminar:

Just tell me the price and I’d pay it.  Just tell me what the job offers and I’d take it.  Give me a deadline and I’d break my back to meet it.  Change the rules as you go and I wouldn’t question it.


And that’s the beauty of the “Just Ask” seminar…

It changed all of that for me.  You can get more, pay less, create more time, have better relationships, and so much more!  And this is easily achievable, but not by arguing, scheming, manipulating, or just being a giant pain in the rear…but simply by ASKING!


People can get easily offended by statements, rigid opinions, or manipulation techniques, but who gets offended by just being asked an honest question?  


I know first hand the power that this seminar can have.  In fact, when I took the seminar with the founder of Tactical Conversations, I used what I learned in just the first part of the training to earn and save approximately 75% of the total cost of the course!  I was blown away by how much it taught me, especially with my background.  And I use it everyday (you can’t help it, it becomes so natural)!


It’s a total game changer!  


So whether you want to save money on purchases, communicate better at home and work, bring your sales game to the next level, or address difficult situations like a pro, then this seminar is for you.


Just fill out the form at the top of this page or contact me at 603-726-6335 (call or text) to learn more.  I can’t wait to speak with you! 

Unleash the power of words to get more from everything that you do.

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